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  The shiba inu is a wonderful, small, clean and intelligent dog, but is not for everyone. Shibas must be fenced, and always on leash, because their hunting/runaway instinct is very strong. It's nothing personal, they just gotta go! "Come" usually isn't in a shiba's vocabulary, unless you've worked REALLY hard.

They can be dog aggressive, so choose your companion from a breeder who socializes puppies with other dogs early and a lot, and continue socializing after you bring your puppy home. Young Shibas also need visits with many people, so they won't be aloof and fearful of strangers. Shibas are not usually agreeable with very young kids, as they don't take to being pulled on, fallen on, or dressed up! Your neighbor/friend may have a shiba that does ok with that treatment, but that is not normally what shibas will tolerate.

Try to visit with a few BREEDERS (NEVER a puppymill or pet shop, they perpetuate cruelty to dogs) to get a first-hand idea of the temperament of many shibas. Steer clear of breeders who won't let you come for a visit, or who want to meet you somewhere other than their kennel to look at dogs or pick up your new puppy. 

 Also, there are many wonderful adult dogs needing another home, due to many circumstances. A mature dog is a great option for folks who don't have the time or inclination to train and devote much time to a puppy.  Rehomeable dogs are usually house trained, leash trained and grateful for a permanent home. Ask a breeder if s/he has any available!


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